About Me…


   Well- I’m Jeff and I’m a newly-transplanted Tennessee resident. I’ve been a Drive-in movie fan pretty much all my life. Even as a little kid, I would plant myself on the couch all Saturday afternoon to watch Dr. Paul Bearer on WTOG Channel 44 from Tampa- you could not get me to MOVE from 2 until 6pm as the double feature schlock-o-thon would unspool. Later, I would be at one of the ½ dozen Central Florida Drive-ins every Friday or Saturday night (or sometimes both nights) to cram my head full of big dumb fun, or go to the less ‘glamorous’ parts of town (OBT, anyone?) just to catch some ‘one week only’ flick that was only playing in some scary shamble of a theater. I still get a kick out of finding out about a movie I hadn’t heard of previously, and there never seems to be a shortage of gem to come across, thanks to great mags like Video Watchdog; Shock Cinema and the late and lamented Psychotronic Video (PLEASE Mike- bring it back!) ferreting them out…


   Favorites– Well, that changes daily. Some of my all-time likes (and ones that I can’t honestly justify their existence but will die defending their honor) are: California Dreaming; Fade to Black; Without Warning (1980- Directed by Greydon Clark); Grotesque (yea Linda Blair!); Roller Boogie (more Linda); Fritz the Cat; Starcrash; Hollywood Boulevard; Survival Run & Mansion of the Doomed. Keep checking back though- I’m sure that it’ll change often!…


   Favorite Movie possession– I have some nifty items like screen-worn costumes from Battlefield Earth & Grindhouse (Planet Terror segment). I also have an original ‘barf-bag’ that was given out at admission to Mark Of The Devil (not used, thank the Lord); a cutout face mask from the midnight showings of Eraserhead; and original 3D glasses from The Mask (1961). I have a bunch more, and I hope to maybe throw some pics up when I get them displayed better…


   That’s it- feel free to contact me if you’ve come across a DVD that might interest me; I’d love to get submissions from others. Also, don’t be afraid to comment on anything you see here- all are welcomed…






2 Responses to “About Me…”

  1. Dan Sweet Says:

    Hey Jeff, always nice to run into another Kinski fan. If you want to find out way more info about the Great Man just type

    Exploitation Retrospect or:


    into your search engine & you’ll get hooked up to Dan Taylor’s Exploitation Retrospect site where he’s been promoting the Gospel according to Klaus since the mid 90’s.
    K.K. even has his own section there & Dan Taylor REALLY know his subject matter when it comes to these types of movies. You won’t be sorry.

    Kinski & his ‘arthouse or penthouse just show me the money’ attitude always got my interest. Good or bad the movie became a K.K. vehicle by sheer force of personality.
    Hang in there, Dan :)

  2. Steve Says:


    Where did you purchase the “Urban Revenge” 15 movie pack from The Garr Group. I can’t find it anywhere. Also, what is the video/audio quality of “Man on the Run” (1972)?

    Thanks much,

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