K-Mart quickly becoming the Big Lots of DVDs…





   I know that K-Mart has been in some financial mess for some time now and I’ve always hated shopping there, so I try to avoid the place like no one’s business (the stores are always a mess; they never have ad items, etc.); however, since I’ve moved from over-populated South Florida to the more sparse southern Tennessee, I’ve found that places to shop aren’t really “just around the corner”, so I find myself at K-Mart on occasion needing normal household items. Since I have to be there anyway, I end up drifting to the Electronics section and on my last trip stumbled into a nice little Collector’s niche (and, as always, Your Mileage May Vary)…


   First off they have a bunch of cheap Xenon titles. Xenonis a (basically) exploitation company heavy on “Blaxploitation” and Latin titles. They’ve been around for a long time, and are still pushing out “lower-rung” titles (third-tier National Lampoon titles; Urban karate titles), but hit their stride years ago releasing the so-bad-they’re good classic Rudy Ray Moore titles like Dolemite and The Human Tornado (one of the favorites in my collection is a signed copy of Tornado by the late Rudy Ray- he died in October of 2008. Oh, and he was born in Akron just like me!). So now, at $3.99 each, they had the following Xenon titles:



   * (Avenging) Disco Godfather– The last of his string of theatrical released flicks; probably his only PG rated flick has Rudy as the town’s hottest Disco record-spinner, who also acts as a one-man force out to stamp out “wack” (PCP). Crazy and funny- must be seen!…


   * The Human Tornado– The sequel to Dolemite and the only true follow-up to the original; this one is probably better than the first Dolemite(as in physically well-made) but still jaw-droppingly bad. Just try to watch this chubby guy karate-chopping guys left and right (missing them entirely and yet they still fall!) without laughing- it’s impossible…


   * Rudy Ray Moore: Rude– Rudy started off (and made his name) as a stand-up comedian (in the tradition of Redd Foxx- lots of filthy talk about various body parts and sex acts- at the time considered shocking but now just obnoxious) and this video is his act, filmed in 1981, interspersed with his buddies like Leroy and Skillet (setting back the black cause by thirty years)…


   * Petey Wheatstraw: The Devil’s Son-in-Law– An absolutely INSANE flick that has Rudy battling the Devil in HELL. Please watch sober; if you are impaired watching this it may actually cause permanent brain damage, and turn you into a drooling, blubbering idiot…


   They also have Penetentiary 1 and 3 (however, they don’t have #2- which is my favorite of the series and borderline-insane, and Mr. T’s first on-screen appearance); the prison boxing series starring Leon Isaac Kennedyas “Too Sweet” Cordone, who can gain his freedom by boxing in the joint. Pretty entertaining…


   K-Mart also has a bunch of Anchor Bay titles; these are all horror and most are out of print. They are classic titles; all single-disc, and are selling for $4.99 each. They have:



   * The Original Halloween

   * Hellraiser 1 & 2

   * The Original Dawn of the Dead(the Divamax edition- superior quality)

   * The Original The Hills Have Eyes (I HATE all these remakes- I shouldn’t have to by typing “The Original in front of all of these!)

   * Creepshow 2

   * Children of the Corn

   * Re-animator



   My opinion is that you can skip Corn and the Hellraiser ones (and some people are really polarized on Creepshow 2 and yeah, it’s not nearly as great at the original, but still pretty entertaining), but if you are any kind of  horror movie fan you have to own the others- they are our generation’s Frankenstein, Dracula and The Wolfman. Snap these up while you can!


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