BCI-Eclipse shuts down (R.I.P)…




   I was hoping to squeeze in one more (semi-) review before the New Year (oddly-enough for one of their releases) when it was announced that BCI-Eclipse was being shuttered by their holding company Navarre. This is a pretty big announcement to those that collect not just budget titles (I know that Drive-in Cult Classics Volume 4 was due in January), but they also put out some great Saturday Morning TV shows like Isis; Ark II  and Space Academy  (all three are great sets for those who are as nostalgic about 70’s TV as I am) as well as some import product. Navarre says that they will still be operational and will be releasing some of the announced titles, but doesn’t go into specifics, but (as some rumor followers are saying) they’ve already cancelled some Game Show Compilation discs for “What’s My Line?” and “Tattletales”. Bummer- they might not have cleaned up their prints to immaculate shape, but they did have a sense on what some of their more fun titles should be like (like their Exploitation Cinema line- one of their newer releases was the Mausoleum/Blood Song double feature that even had a Commentary)- I hope that sense of goofiness is carried over should Navarre release any similar discs. It seems like the down-turned economy is even hitting the economy-minded vendors (*sigh*). The link to the Official Press Release is below:







“Black Friday”- the Aftermath






   OK- you’ve had some time to let the turkey and stuffing digest and the scratch-marks from the BF sales heal, so now it’s time to summarize…


   I only got to 2 of the retailers selling cheap DVDs. The first one, Wal-Mart, was the typical, semi-controlled chaos that it normally is after Thanksgiving and I did manage to pick up a few of the $2 gems offered, including genre fare like Identity SE; Dawn of the Dead remake (the “R” version); Slither (Full Screen) The Dark (the 2006 one- NOT the camp 1980 alien monster freakout); V for Vendetta and the Wal-Mart special “1+1” disc of the Omen remake. I also got some other non-genre flicks like the Borat disc (with the T-Shirt); HollywoodLand; Domino (fullscreen); Wedding Crashers and the bizarro-funny Let’s Go to Prison (Unrated)…


   Big Lots was next and they had all kinds of goodies. And so you know, some of them still have some of these lying around for the same $2 and $3 bucks- some really good genre titles like Swamp Thing; Carrie (the TV remake- not the 1976 Sissy Spacek classic); The Outer Limits best-of remake; The Believers; Interview with a Vampire; The Day After; & Bubba Ho-Tep. Some of the straight flicks that I couldn’t resist were Born In East LA; Imaginary Heroes; Bananas; and Everything You Wanted to Know About Sex But Were Afraid to Ask. And don’t forget that your mileage may vary, so check around at different ones and load that collection up toot sweet!