Big Lots has restocked DVDs…



   Big Lots has restocked their $3 MGM/ Warners close-outs. It doesn’t appear that there’s anything new, but if you missed the first go-around then stock up as you’ll (maybe) not get another chance. I receive a catalog from Nina’s Discount Oldies ( monthly and they have a bunch of these titles and (literally) hundreds more for $6.98. They also carry Alpha Video (a Public Domain video provider; mostly real old titles and B&W serials) which list at 5 for $25 and some that are 3 for $10 as well as companies unloading there soon-to-be out of Print (OOP) stock. For example, they have the 4 DVD Set of the ‘80’s television showThe Hammer House of Horrorfor under $20 (which retails at $70) which makes it a really good deal…


   A suggestion- if you have an FYE in your neighborhood, they take used DVD and CDs for credit- you may want to buy some of these discounted titles and cash ‘em in for store credit and buy something you really want. Just a thought…




One Response to “Big Lots has restocked DVDs…”

  1. Shane Says:

    I was just at my loal Big Lots today. They are going to be selling online late October!

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