I LOVE getting stuff like this! This is pretty old, but there’s no date on this. It’s from a company called Treasure Box Collections that seems to have fallen by the wayside (their website no longer exists); they provided cheap DVDs for flea markets and dollar stores wanting to jump on the DVD bandwagon early in its life form. Treasure Box put out all kinds of cartoons and old flicks that have fallen into Public Domain; this seems to be something outside of their wheelhouse- it’s simply someone at a tape machine playing random clips of the old “Batman” 60’s TV shows and commercial spots, along with some (what seems to be) home-made tapes of Adam West appearances at a car show and filming PSAs (this also has Yvonne Craig (Batgirl); Burt Ward (robin) and Julie Newmar (Catwoman)…


   The box art is simplistic; a cartoon “Batman” running toward the camera, which belies the comtents. I guess it has a campy feel to it, but from the art and description blurb on the back (with quotes like “”An inside look at a Superhero phenomenon?” (THEIR question mark- not mine!); and “Batclips is a must for Batman fans of all ages”) I’m not exactly sure of who the company was aiming this to. As with most Treasure Box Collection DVDs, the cover has a grey band at the top (that states “Platinum Collection”- a nonsensical blurb) and at the bottom (that says “Digitally Remastered”- HA!) and is packed in a full-size case and the disc itself is screen-printed full color. The total running time of the “Documentary” (again- HA!) is almost 30 minutes and, of course, there are no extras (there aren’t even credits). It’s clearly from a VHS tape dupe, complete with rolling and video ‘gurgling’ between clips…



   I have absolutely no justification for it, but I’m giving Batclips 3-1/2* out of 5




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