Another Big Lots deal…




   It seems like the MGM buyout by Warners has now trickled down to boxed sets. The following were spotted at a recent visit to Big Lots (your mileage may vary):


   5 bucks-

   * Silence of the Lambs/ Hannibal two-pack boxed set (these are Special Editions discs with some nice features)- the funky red foil packaging is pretty cool as well. Currently going for $31 on Amazon…


   * Thunderbirds 2 disc set- I bought both the movies for $3 each when Big Lots had their previous sale. This set includes Thunderbirds Are Go (1966), and Thunderbird 6 (1968) (both marked “International Rescue Edition”- whatever THAT means) and are full-length widescreen movies of the Supermarionation (puppet) television show. The Extras on the discs include their respective Trailers; a Quiz; Audio Commentary & 3 Making-of Featurettes (each disc has different ones). The boxed set itself also includes magnets and stickers and the box itself is nice. It’s currently on Amazon for around $27- scoop ‘em up while you can…


   7 bucks-

   * Species 4-disc set (trilogy)- Pretty nice set; this is the first 3 Species flicks (there is a recently-released Species 4 not included) all in their Special Edition form (lots of extras including Making-Ofs; Trailers; Audio Commentaries; etc.). The 4th disc  (which I just bought separately at a used DVD/Bookstore, dammit!) had seven additional featurettes not included on the other discs as well as a special Alternate Ending to the first Species. This is going online for $36 bucks…


   10 bucks-

   * A bunch of Manga sets- I’m not much for Manga (Japanese animation) so I didn’t get the titles but there were 4 or 5 different ones. Some were just a large-size box with one disc in them (with the idea that you have a place to put additional discs when they come out as part of the set) and one even came with a T-shirt; while others had a bust of a character included with them- these were pretty sweet; a nicely crafted 6 inch model. I know that I’ve seen these go for a bunch of money in comic book stores, so for all of you collectors out there, scoop them up…


   *The Pam Grier Collection (Fox In A Box)– I was THRILLED when I bought this last year for $20 at Circuit City and now you can have ‘em for half that- three of Pam Grier’s best (on the MGMSoul Cinema” imprint): Coffy; Foxy Brown and Sheba Baby and a 4th disc  presented by Vibe Magazine that has Trailers for the above three movies (which are also on the individual discs) and 2 pretty nice mini-documentaries: “Pam Grier: Super Fox” which is an overview of her career and what she meant to movies of the 70’s told by fans of hers in the media (about 17 minutes); and “Blaxploitation to Hip-Hop” (18 minutes) that talks about the culture and influence of those past movies on today’s black youth (using the same people and much of the same footage from the previous documentary). The most disappointing thing with the featurettes is that Pam isn’t interviewed in either, but they are nice overviews of the lady and her legend (one note- lots of nudity and scenes of violence, but I guess if you are watching this anyway I wouldn’t think you would knowingly have the kiddies around). Currently going for $27 on Amazon…


   13 bucks-

   * The Rocky 5-disc boxed set- This is probably the least real ‘deal’ of the bunch; the first 5 Rocky movies (this was issued before the late-arriving Rocky Balboa came out) but none of these are very ‘special’ editions; only two of them even come with Trailers, and the packaging is very flimsy thick paper over full-size cases. If you want bare-bones versions of these just to have the movies then pick a set up; if not there are better choices. This set is no longer being offered new on Amazon; it can be purchased used for around $14…


   So get out there and add to your collection!



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